The Massage has many beneficial impacts on the health of men; regulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, helps the digestion and accelerates the disposal of the waste substances by activiting the lymphatic systems. These, when combining with the impacts introduced by the feeling of concern and kindness showed, provide[…]


Then number of scientific research on yoga has been increasing. The medical world is beginning to recognize the benefits of yoga. One of the most important scientific data is the decreasing cortisol which is the stress of hormone, after a yoga practice. A regular yoga practice results in decreasing of[…]


Located in southern Turkey, Kaş is one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean, with over 30 dive spots that suit all levels of diving experience and offer a big variety of dives with modern wrecks, amphorae and anchors from ancient civilizations, rocky reefs, canyons, large caves and sea-grass[…]

Special Beach

You can enjoy Kaş’s blue flag sea at the beach that is only for the use of our hotel’s guests, eat the delicious food at the A’la Carte Restaurant and Bar luxuriate in the coctails we are going to serve you all day long.